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Entry 2 : Know your equipment and maintain them well – To Be the very Best Videographer, Photographer Person Kuching Malaysia Perth Australia

How to be the very best Videographer, Photographer Person Kuching Malaysia Perth Australia Part 2?

You’ll need to know your equipment! Also, you need to maintain!

1. Test your battery limits. (The on screen indicator is not always accurate)
-If you don’t have enough for whatever you need. There’s a few ways to solve the problem.

Option 1: Get 1-2 more batteries. (More than 2 spare batteries? It’s better to go with Option 2 since you might change camera systems by then and it would be better to just get a universal power solution.)

Option 2: Get an Atomos Power Station or two and bring a powerboard!

Here are some options to get it. Amazon B&H Photo Atomos

2. Test your SD recording time limit. (The on screen indicator is not always accurate)

Recommended Option: Get more Extreme Sandisk SD Cards!

Not recommended (April 2018): Wifi Hard Drive with Card readers as current technology doesn’t allow for fast enough transfers so it’s the best for run and gun, long day film shoots. It is only good for travel. (That said, for travel, I would say that it is better to have a laptop and portable hard drive handy as you get to check your footage in a bigger screen.)

3. Make sure you cycle your batteries especially your AAs every once in a while.

It is nice to give the battery a discharge in order to reactivate some dormant capacity even if they are Li-Ions.

4. Clean your equipment every once in a while.

Lenses: Use special lens clothes. Clean after every dirt/ rainy trip. Don’t overclean. Clean when only necessary.

Camera Body: Clean after every dirt/ rainy trip.

Sound equipment: Especially wipe your lapel cables before every new shoot as people could get sweaty.

Tripods/ Monopods/ Gimbals/ Counterweight systems: Clean after every contact of soil.

5. Get Waterproof Camera Bags.

You’ll need them especially if you do the frequent outdoor shoot.

6. You don’t have to always upgrade. Buy only what’s necessary.

Get to know what you can do and can’t do with your equipment and you might find creative solutions. Google is your friend.

7. Practice something at least once a week. 

I like finding people who give you creative freedom. Non for profit organisations are a good start as you propose your creative content to them.

Look for and catalogue interesting things that you see and try them out!

Alternatively, if you really have to do something for yourself. Don’t just plan, make it happen and get yourself out there.

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